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Dragon Pass and the Heortlings

Dragon Pass is a place of Myth, Legend and adventure that is the home to the Heortling peoples who are also called the Orlanthi after the storm God that they worship. It is their ancient ancestoral home and they have lived in the region on and off since the early days of time.

Dragon Pass is a place of Dragons. It was their ancestoral home much earlier than it was home to the Heortlings, and they have returned their at times during the past, even once sharing it and their knowledge with the Orlanthi in the Empire of the Wryms friends. That ended in failure and the Dragonkill war in 1120.

Since then the ancient Dragons have been asleep. During their slumber the treacherous Lunar Empire has arisen in the north and has conquered the region bringing their religion to the region, spreading their lies through the cult of the Seven Mothers. They conquered the region in 1602 and have imposed a harsh rule on the lands, banning the worship of Orlanth the rebellious storm God who refuses to integrate in the Lunar way.

But the yoke of oppression has so recently been thrown off by Prince Argrath the lost heir to Sartar's line and he has re-ignited the ancient flame of Sartar. The lands are not safe however as the Lunars are building a huge army the size of which has not been seen for many years to reconquer Dragon Pass and to forever put the rebellious Orlanthi in their place.

But that is not all. Prophecies that once were so clear cut are unravelling and becoming murkier. Is there some Lunar mischief at work here or is something else going on?

And to complicate matters further the Dragonewts are beginning to rise from their ancient nests for some unfathomable purpose. The King of Tarsh, whilst in public supporting the Lunars is playing a dangerous game of his own.

The accursed Telmori to the East of Red Cow are raiding again and the Thanes of the tribe are now on constant alert. With Lunar invasion imminent the clans are divided on what should be done. Should we fight to the last man or let the superior Lunar force pass our lands so that our people may be saved?

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