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Red Cow Clan



The Red Cow clan of the Cinsina lives just to the South of the Creek River and to the north of Jonstown. They lie east of the Dangerford Fort where the Dolutha Clan of the Cinsina live, and northwest of the Blueberry Clan of the Cinsina. The stead of the Red Cow clan is located where the Heart Creek River joins the Creek River. At times the spirits of the Creek and the Heart River meet at the joining and argue bitterly. The Clan Priests often must intervene to stop the Creek spirit from subduing the Heart Creek spirit.


“Gochbadun was a great Aurochs bursting with vigour and health. He could sire fifty cows every morning, and each gave birth to a fine calf by sunset. He had a white head and white feet, but his body was the red colour of blood. All his offspring were coloured the same way; the skalds call them the Red Cows of Orgorvaltes. Six out of every seven could be milked three times a day, but the seventh was always thin and weak, and was sacrificed to Uralda. Ten men could stand on Gochbadun’s broad back, and he was taller than three men. His bellowing was like thunder, his breath like fire. Courageous, fierce and strong, Gochbadun was the chieftain of the aurochs. Ulanin the Rider carried him off from the stead of the giant chieftain Bergilmer despite his keen watch-hound. Ulanin then built this hill fort of two ditches and three banks half a mile wide to guard the herd. Her the Red Cow clan have lived since ancient time.”

The Red Cow fort was tested three times before the Dragonkill War. The first came when Bergilmer came looking for his missing cow. The second was when King Hargart Many-trials of the Stravuli raided the Clan because he wanted Gochbadun for his own. Jarenst Bear-Club held off Hargart’s warband for three days and nights at Dangerford that time. The third and final time was when Foul-of-the-Woods led an army of broos here. This time the fort failed and no one remained to tell of the final fall. After that Red Broos were seen. When the Clan eventually returned to the fort, the land and the Longhouses were burnt to remove the stench of Chaos from the land. Gochbadun has never been seen since that time.”

“The People of Red Cow were pre-warned of the Dragonkill War by the Clan Wyter Mygoch Stormfriend who told the Tribal council to go north to join with their distant kin in Dara Happa for seven generations to save the Clan. This the Clan council did, returning to the remains of the fort as the seventh generation son of the tribal Chief who led the Clan away from Red Cow was born. When they returned they found the Gwaling Clan of the Culbera tribe occupying their ancient home by the Creek River. A battle was fought near to the joining of the rivers, and the Gwaling Clan were routed fleeing with what they could. They were forced to leave several hundred cows and they have been bitter about this defeat ever since.”

“The Lunars invaded in 1591 and the Red Cow Clan fought with the others with Prince Terasarin of Sartar’s line until he fell in 1600. His son Salinarg and the household of Death were slain in the attack on Boldhome two years later. Many of our warriors were killed at his side, but with his death we were defeated and we were forced to accept that. Other Tribes fought on and were punished by the Lunars, but we were treated less harshly and allowed to keep our lands. The Lunar citizen Lord James Wulf even aided us in defeating the Telmori in 1607 and we allowed him to settle to the west to help keep the Telmori at bay.”

”In 1625 Kallyr Starbrows rebellion was not supported by the then Clan Council who were cautious of its chances of success. Many warriors went anyway to fight at her side at Dangerford where the Lunar army under Fazzur Whitebeard was routed. Then Kallyr betrayed the Red Cow Clan by allying to with the treacherous Telmori and it was obvious that she was not the true Queen. It was then that she lost the support of the Clan and without our aid she was defeated in the Battle of the Queens because of the treachery of the Telmori.”

“The Red Cow Clan supported Prince Argrath when he arrived. The Clan council was voted out and a new Clan council installed to ensure that Prince Argrath had the full support of the Clan. Prince Argrath has helped the Clan track down the treacherous Telmori and kill them for their betrayal of Queen Kallyr. The Clan’s Weaponthanes helped him invade Tarsh and capture King Pharandros. The Thanes came home two years ago with plunder and tales of great victory.”

“The Clan’s contacts have told us that a large Lunar army is massing to the north, and it is likely that they’re will revenge fall initially on the Cinsina Tribe.”

Places of Interest

·        Trickster's Beef shrine near Red Cow is a monstrous looking sculpture made out of cattle skulls built many generations ago by the first Clan trickster Lorki Bigfoot. The Clan Trickster and his apprentice have occupied the shrine ever since the re-occupation. The Shrine provides the Eurmal trickster with the special ability “Change A Cow's Colour”. The Tricksters often use this to pretend that the Red Auroch’s have returned and to fool young members of the Clan.

·        The Dryad’s Willow tree by the Heart Creek River is a sacred place to Aldrya and the cult gives the Dryad Priestess that lives there respect and protection.

·        Windtalker’s Steep is a small rocky outcropping on the edge of the Clan lands that is used by Godtalkers in the Clan to get closer to Orlanth.

·        The Six mounds is an ancient circle used by the Clan to perform rituals in. It is dedicated to Ernalda the Earth Mother.

·        Elmal’s First Ray – This is a shrine to Elmal that has a sun clock built into the roof and marked around the walls.

Who do we worship?


Orlanth is our greater God, the Lord of all Storms. He gives us breath and we will fight for him until the day we join him in his halls.

Ernalda Allmother

The Mother of the Earth is our healer, protector and giver of life. We respect her above all for the World cannot exist without her.

Clan Wyter - Mygoch Stormfriend

The Clan’s great spirit Mygoch Stormfriend was the guardian of Gochbadun for the Clan long, long ago. One day he rashly boasted that he could best a dozen Aurochs in a tug of war over a bottomless gorge. Gochbadun took him up on his offer and after a great struggle he was pulled into the gorge to his death. He served as spiritual guardian of the Clan ever after and wailed for ten years when the Broos invaded the Clan Stead. He had never spoken of that time, nor will he speak of it when asked by the Clan.

The Great Auroch Gochbadun

The great Red Auroch Gochbadun is still given worship by the Clan although he is no longer with them. Those that pray to Gochbadun do so to protect the Clan’s cattle.

Who are our Friends?


Traditionally the worshippers of the light in Darra Happa have been friends to the Red Cow clan. Some of them are slightly misguided as they worship the false Yelmalio rather than the true Elmal, but they are to be pitied for their misapprehension rather than fought. Some of them have betrayed their roots and joined with the Lunars. These are now Lunars as they have betrayed their nature, but we remember the brothers who offered us sanctuary and held true to their roots.

The Aldryami

The Aldryami have long been a friend of Red Cow. The growers have long forged friendship with our Carls and cottars who derive many of their prayers for their crops from Aldryami plant tending rituals. It is sad to see the daughters of Aldrya become so few and distance themselves further from our presence. The only regular contact we have the Aldryami is Myarla Leafsap, an old Dryad Priestess who inhabits the willow tree by the Stream River. The clan protects her, and in turn she teaches the youngsters of the clan about Aldrya during Godtime.

The Blueberry Clan

The Blueberry Clan are our allies in fighting the hated Telmori and they have long held true in their promise to fight by our side against the treacherous Wolfmen. We have forged many links of marriage between the two Clans and they are our brothers in battle. They are our right side and we are their left.

Who do we distrust?

The Mostali

The Mostali are makers and not growers and they seek to hide in the darkness rather bask in the glorious light. Whilst we will trade with them for precious metals, they are sneaky and not to be trusted on our lands. Several trees that were homes to precious spirits on our land have fallen to Dwarven axes, and we shall permit them to enter our lands no more.

The Dragonewts

Kin to Dragons, the great destroyers of the last age. We were forced to go north from our ancient homes in Dragons Pass to stay temporally with our kin in Darra Happa when the Dragons killed all men. The Dragonewts are their pawns and they keep secrets from the past to serve the will of the Dragons. They like Dragons are unpredictable and should be distrusted even if they pretend friendship like they did before.

The Dolutha Clan

The Lunar traitor Ivar Quickstep still rules at the Dangerford fort with his lies and part truths. They have often raided our cattle and conspired with the Lunars to raise our taxes. We do not make alliances with them and guard our lands to the east well. When we fought in the battle of Dangerford we were sure to look over their defences for ways to steal their cattle.

Who are our Enemies?

The Lunars

They have invaded our land and forbidden us worship of the great God Orlanth. When we saw that they could be beaten we joined in with the other clans and defeated them, but they are mighty and are likely to take revenge. We are one of the first clans whose land they will take back when they re-invade. We must be careful as we are in the front line and will be the first to be punished.

The Telmori

The Wolfmen are treacherous, lying, filthy beasts that steal our cows and raid our lands. They are to be fought at all costs and their hides used for decoration rugs around the stead. Our hated of them knows no bounds.


The filthy monsters of Chaos, like all Chaos, are to be fought at all costs as they are an abomination to all on Glorantha. In particular the filthy Red Broos who invaded and befouled our lands are to be killed on sight.


The Uz are more creatures of Darkness who raid our lands and steal our cows. They are mad fighting, killing things that are uncivilised in their behaviour and do not honour the Great Storm Orlanth.

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