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Edric Korwane is a Devotee of the God Heler the Rainmaker and is the head farmer for the Clan. He believes that he is a great warrior as well, carrying a huge axe around with him to show his toughness, but in reality he is not one of the best warriors in the tribe, he having been the head Alemaker in the village for as long as anyone can remember. Since he samples he beer regularly he is wont to eggaration and drunken rampages at times.

Brin Torkenson is a worshipper of the Death God Humakt. He is the Clan Champion and h spoke for Cormac Kinslayer when the group arrived at the stead. Although he is the best warrior in the Clan, he thought of as a strange individual and is often seen talking to himself in the hills. Many speculate that he is a Godtalker. He is said to have never have lost a one on one fight, although when asked he will not talk about it. He has a personal Alynx called Ferl that has given rise to rumours that he is also affiniated to the Yinkin cult. He has a personal dislike of the Telmori who was responsible for the death of his father.

Jinna Ferlansdotter is a Priestess of the Goddess Ernalda the Healer. She is the Clan healer and also represents the women of the Clan at the Inner Ring. She has ensured many a secret is kept amongst the women of the Clan, and has tremendous popularity amongst the women. Her rival (whom she deposed from the Clan Innner ring) Verle Hillstemmer is a Priestess of Ernalda the Queen. Jinna is somewhat younger than Verle and she feels cowed by her older Priestess into making the decisions on the Inner ring that her rival wants.

Alia Garmund is the Clan Lawspeaker and is a Grey Sage of Lhankor Mhy. She holds the Clan lore and history and teaches it two her two apprentices Kaer and Jasmara. Alia was instrumental in brokering the deal that prevented Kinstrife with the Dolutha Clan and saved Kareena Stormwarder's reputation. Alia Garmund has spent some time with Daranor Thyll outside the stead and has traded knowledge with him. Alia being the only Grey Sage in the tribe was on the previous Clan Ring and is a diplomat when talking about Clan politics. As such she is trusted by neither the warmongers in the Clan as well as peaceniks.

Taldon is a worshpper of the God Elmal and he is the only two members of the previous Clan Inner Ring to remain in position. Taldon is in his fiftieth year and is a Weaponthane. He has achieved many great victories in leading the Thanes and as such he is widely respected amongst the Clan. He fought against the Lunars when they initially invaded when he was much younger and has spent a number of years studying their tactics. He wants to prove himself again. Taldon is married to his second wife Laressa who is a Priestess of Asrelia, and he currently has ten children.

Kareena Stormwarder is a Worshiper of the Goddess Vinga. She is the defender of the hearth and has dedicated he life to that defense. She is a follower of Tarkal and believes that the Lunars will not grant mercy even if the clan lets them past without opposition. She believes that defending the people is the only way. She is hotheaded and rash and has in the past nearly caused blood feud with members of the Dolutha Clan at Dangerford. It was only avoided by the payment of compensation of 30 cows to the injured party's bloodline. Kareena was promoted to the Clan Inner ring by Tarkal when he became Clan Chief fives years ago.

Tarkal is a member of Orlanth Rex and is the Clan chief at Red Cow. He was only elected Chief five years ago after the return of Prince Argrath. The previous Clan Chief, Peitre Bullhorn is bitter at his demotion and there is still a seething rivalry in the clan at present that may boil over. Tarkal favours taking an aggressive stance against the invading Lunars, but Peitre believes that this will be suicidal for the clan. With the Cinsina divided in loyalty with Ivar Quickstep's Lunar leanings this kinstrife could be a fatal weakness. Tarkal believes in strong rule and he has imprisoned the White Lunar Priestess living just outside the stead as he believes that she is a Lunar spy.

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