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  Consequences will Come to Haunt you ......


That was then ...... Pavis 1621

A group of patriots in Pavis rescued a White Moon Lunar Priestess imprisoned by Sor-Eel the short for spreading sedition and about to be sent back to the Lunar Empire for trial. The problem was it was all a trap designed to further the grip of the Lunars on the city by binding the City God Pavis to the Red Goddess in a Heroquest and to capture rebelleous forces. The Lunars had already tried the mad White Moon Priestess and crucified her in Pent Ridge Prison. They replaced her with a loyal Priestess of Deezola called Tarelyss Reygold.

But prophecies have a way of fulfilling themselves and at the crunch Tarelyss's brutal husband General Marthus turned up and demanded she submit to him. Finally sick of the violence of the Red Moon she turned and aided the rebels embracing the peaceful way of the White Moon. She taught the rebells the correct New Moon Heroquest to try and encourage the moon to start to change. She then aided them in passing over to the Other World to perform the Heroquest.

There many mighty deeds were done in the Other World, but at the crux the heroes failed in their quest and were forced to return to the mortal plane without the prize they sought. Greed got the better of one of them however and Gold was scraped from the temple of the White Moon Goddess on their way back. The rebels that could be identified by the Lunars fled west to Heortland and settled anonymously in a village called Red Cow.

That year the mighty City of Whitewall fell to the Lunars. The Red Emporer declared that year to be the year of the Extra Full Moon. The consequences of the failed Heroquest were starting to be felt .....

The Hero Wars have Begun !

 Orlanth the Leader

This is Now .... Red Cow 1634

Queen Kallyr Starbrow's rebellion in 1626 was the first sign of change, but her short reign and rebellion were ended when the Tarsh King Moirades killed her in battle. The remainder of the army led by the Colymar tribe Queen Beti Leika however won the day and the retreating Tarsh army was slaughtered at Aldachuri.

Meanwhile in Pavis in 1625 a man by the name of Argrath  who led a number of rebels in the city to let in an invading nomad army that drove out the Lunars. Argrath proclaimed his ancestory, showing that he was descended from the Kings of Sartar and he returned to aid Queen Kallyr. With her death Argrath beat his rivals back to Boldhome in 1627 where he now relit the Flame of Sartar showing his true heritage. Prince Argrath is the King the Heortlings have long prophecised would return to lead them to freedom.

But all is not well. In 1629 Prince Argrath tried to woo the Feathered Horse Queen to gain the support of her people in Alliance, but she rejected his advances.

It is now 1634 and the Lunars are building up to re-invade with an army the size and composition of which will show the rebelleous Storm God Orlanth that the power of the Red Moon. Allies of the Prince are wavering and alliances with neighbouring Kingdoms are on a knife edge. There is dissention from within the tribes, especially amongst those tribes that did well under the Lunars at the expense of their rivals.

In Red Cow the Pavis exiles are starting to realise the full consequences of the failed Heroquest. The prophecy of the Three Guardians is also unravelling. The three chosen children are still alive and growing into strong boys. However Darnor Thyll has received evidence that these are not the only children marked in this way ......

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