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Jonstown Compendium


The Jonstown Compendium is a series of Books kept in the Lhankor Mhy temple in Jonstown. It consists of scraps of material that various scribes have thought worth recording over the years. These scraps have been culled from the minds of great philosophers , collected from the fantastic memories of tribal scalds and lawspeakers, ad translated from various odd scrolls and ancient parchments. Each entry is gathered and listed, one after another without order, meaning or editorial labor.

Each entry begins with a number. Sometimes a title of sorts begins an entry, wherein the author or redactor identifies himself. One entire volume contains a single entry over 250 pages in length, but most of them list hundreds of individual pieces of information. Some of the volumes contain amzing amounts of dross and trivia and since it is not indexed it is often hard to find valuable pieces of information that someone might be looking for.

The first of these extracts is in the Jonstown Compendium. The second is not and was only obtained from a ex-Priestess of Sedenya after she turned her back on the Red Moon to become a Priestess of the White Moon.

The third extract is #56, 852 from the Jonstown Compendium. It was found by Daranor Thyll, Grey Sage of Lhankor Mhy whilst searching the Jonstown Compendium for further details on the first fragament. This document details notes on a secret society originally formed during the EWF called the Living Dragon society.

His extensive research also turned up two other curious documents, which are included here as #91, 1365 and #129, 1261. The first of these is a fragment of parchment from a Sage in Blackwell detailing a discussion on the legacy of the EWF.

The second of these is a rather obscure document on the supposed Mimarian Memory Removal technique used during the Dragonkill War. Though the sage in question tried to hide his research the Grey Sages in Jonstown decided that they did not want to lose this fragment and included it in the Jonstown Compendium.

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