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Skye Torkenon is a young member of the clan who worships Urox the Bull. She is the known as a fierce warrior and some call her a man hater since she has turned down three proposals in the last five years. It was she that detected a taint of chaos in Tarelyss Reygold's son Caird and tried to persuade the clan to kill him. She failed in this as Daranor Thyll detected extreme law in him also. Eventually the clan council decided to exile him from the clan instead.

Brendan Tevish is an old retired devotee of Orlanth Adventurous. He is a teller of mighty tales and is the only living member of the tribe to have successfully performed the Lightbringers HeroQuest. He lost his wife five years ago and since then he has been getting a bit more forgetful. He was replaced from the Clan council five years ago, although when the Lunars were occupying the Clan lands he claimed to be a worshipper of Brastalos. He has offered the Firstemmer bloodline 5 cows to marry their introverted daughter, although many consider this an insult to their bloodline.

Alwyck Reaver is a member of the former Clan Council, the head of the Reaver bloodline and a worshipper of Heler the Rain God. He still has a considerable influence within the Clan and as the master brewer his influence is considerable. He has two sons, but the older one Kayle was taken by the Telmori in a raid. His remaining son Brant he is estranged from as he has taken up with the new Clan council.

Pietre Bullhorn was the former Clan Chief of the tribe for many years under the Lunar occupation. Pietre is a worshipper of the God Elmal and is a Weaponthane in the tribe. He was suspected of colluding with Ivar Quickstep of the Dolutha as they met frequently. Since Ivar Quickstep is suspected of being a Lunar sympathiser it is no surprise that the more conservative Orlanthi also believe Pietre was suspected of collaberation with the Lunars although no formal proof has been offered.

Kimbov is the senior member of the Yinkin cult in the Clan and also a former member of the Clan council. It was claimed that he was a collaborator by the new Clan council as he spent a considerable amount of time with the Lunar armies. He has a pair of Alynxes called Hyna and Tembar.

Lyra Firestemmer is a worshipper of Odayla. She is a quiet withdrawn hunter who prefers to be on her own rather than in company. She is still unmarried at 22 and her bloodline are desperately seeking a match for her, but her hyper withdrawn nature has made this difficult if not impossible. Her familly are currently considering a match with the ageing Brendan Tevish who lost his first wife five years ago. The brideprice of 5 cows is low, which is why they have not yet agreed to the match.

Verle Hillstemmer is an old Priestess of Ernalda the Queen. She was the former member of the Ruling Clan council some five years ago when the Lunars were still occupying Sartar. Verle is very knowledgeable of the ways of Ernalda and is seen as an elder in the tribe. She has made a conscious decision to work to make the tribe as strong as possible even under Lunar occupation and this has led her to make a number of choices that could be seen as Lunar co-operation, including giving blessing to the joint raid on the Telmori with Lunar forces. Verle and Tarkal Marjammer had a brief marriage when they were younger, but since hate the sight of each other. No ones knows the exact reason for this.

Brynn Herghost is a tough, uncompromising Weaponthane who is also the head of the wealthy and influential Herghost bloodline. He is a Devotee of Orlanth Rex and is a supporter of the current Clan council. He is married with 4 adult children. He distinguished himself at the battle of Dangerford and as a result has gained much respect within the tribe. He is currently negotiating with the Dwarves in the mountains to the north for assistance in building a new permanent temple to Orlanth within the Clan lands.

Garyn Clearwater is a worshipper of Eurmal who was under the protection of the former Clan leader Pietre Bullhorn whilst he was in charge of the Clan council. He came to the Clan some thirty years ago with his son Aybrec. His son married into the Hillstemmer bloodline, before dissappearing some years later. Ebba Hillstemmer then remarried into the Herghost bloodline. Garyn is old garrelous, annoying and quite possibly mad. He no longer has the protection of the Clan leader and he has been abused by several members of the Clan in recent years. It is possible that at 86 years old he may not survive next time.

Irma Salmonleaper is the third daughter of Taldon Salmonleaper. She is a worshipper of Babester Gor the Earth Avenger. She is seen as a defender of women's rights in the Clan and is a formidable warrior in her own right. She started worship of Babester Gor after visiting the Earth shrines in Southern Tarsh with her mother. She is an uncompromising woman, but is to marry Pietre Bullhorn's son Vallack before the end of the Season. She has maimed at least two men who she has found abusing women in the tribe.

Haelyn Kinslade is the daughter of Jaleth Kinslade and at 17 is considered to by a good upcoming match. She is a very friendly and outgoing member of the tribe with a good social network. She is currently initiated in the cult of Ernalda the Queen.







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