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From Pavis to the Pass


The Death of Sor-El's Nephew

Sor-El's nephew was given the unenviable task of surveying the population of the Rubble. He was not a man to shirk responsibility and headed down to Corflu to pick up the other members of the survey team. However he was mysteriously killed in the collapse of an Inn in Sun County. Sor-El was furious and demanded that the Yelmalians investigate the death. Officially the Yelmalians declared that it was an accident caused by an architectural fault. However unofficially it was suspected that an Earth Priestess was the cause and that Cormac Kinslayer, Daranor Thyll, Almeira Khast, and Konac Krinon knew more about what happened than they were telling. All the questioning led nowhere however and nothing was ever proven about the death or the reason for it.

The Restoration of the Tomb of Yurmonis

The cult of Pavis were very pleased when Konac, Almeira, Daranor and Cormac brought the discovery of the Tomb of Yurmonis to them and offered to assist the temple in the restoration and recovery of the items found. This was despite interest from a Lunar explorer called Piers Bolde.

The Rescue of the Lunar Priestess

An Issaries messanger by the name of Turruk began having dreams of a mad Lunar woman in prison. The Lunar authorities had arrested her in Pavis as she was preaching sedition. Unbeknowst to Turruk and his associates Sor-El had shipped off the real Priestess of the White moon to Pent Ridge prison and planned to have her executed. He had substituted a Lunar Priestess in her place to attempt to root of the traitors that were helping the White Priests. The authorities made sure that the movements of the Priestess were sufficiently well known and waited to catch the traitors in the process of rescueing the Priestess. However Turruk and his friends were for the most part one step ahead and rescued the Priestess. Only a nagging link to the Lhankor Mhy temple remained and the temple was sealed for a day whilst the authorities investigated the mysterious figure seen entering the temple after the rescue. No proof was discovered and the Lunar authorities backed off.

The New Moon Heroquest

Turruk and his associate Cormac took the fake White Moon Priestess into a hideout they had in the rubble. There she told them about the New Moon Heroquest used by successive Lunar Priestesses to bring about the enhance the coming of the new Moon and the waning of the old. The new Lunar plan was for the false Priestess to lead the group into a false Heroquest to re-inforce the new Red Moon and enhance the chances of the Red Goddess marrying Pavis in the coming year.  However the false White Moon Priestess Tarelyss Reygold was visited by her brutal husband and she began to be disenchanted with the way the Empire was going. She decided to really change sides and she told Turruk, Daranor, Cormac and his friends the truth. They agreed to try and get local support to attempt the New Moon Heroquest to bring about the coming of the White Moon.

The attempt was made and the first two stages were completed successfully, however the third stage was failed and the attempt was abandoned. It was not known then what the consequences would be, but for those identifiable to the Lunar authorities it was time to leave Pavis.

The Flight from Pavis

After the failure of the attempted New Moon Heroquest in Pavis in 1621 the heroes Daranor Thyll, Cormac Kinslayer and Turruk the Messanger fled west with the White Moon Priestess Tarelyss Reygold. The first steads that they arrived at refused them hospitality as they had a Lunar Priestess in their entourage. It didn't matter that the Lunar Priestess was of the White Moon and not the Red Moon, they were run off the stead and out of the Clan lands.

It was only when they had started to venture further north that they began to have somewhat more success. The stead of the Red Cow Clan of the Cinsina Tribe was run by Clan Chief Pietre Bullhorn who was a worshipper of

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