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Heortling Religeons



The two primal dieties worshipped by the Heortlings are Orlanth (for men) and Ernalda (for women). Both of these dieties have a number of different aspects that are worskipped as different subcults. The main subcults are given below, but there are a number of others that are worshipped throughout Dragon Pass. The worship of Orlanth was officially banned during the Lunar occupation and many Orlanthi officially worshipped other compatible dieties in public, whilst perhaps still honouring Orlanth in private. There are also a number of minor dieties (not included here) that are worshipped in the region including Asrelia (Harvest, Plenty), Babeestor Gor (Avenging Goddess), Barntar (The Plowman), Brastalos (Calm Winds), Donandor (Cosmic Music), Engizi the Skyriver Titan (God of the River), Eurmal (the Trickster), Gustbran Bonesmith (the Red Smith), Kero Fin (Mother of Mountains), Maran Gor (The Earthshaker), Minlister (Ale and Brewing), Nandan (The Housekeeper), Pelaskos (Sea Fishing God), Redalda (Horse Goddess), Rigsdal (the Night Watchman), Sorana Tor (Death and Sacrifice), and Valind (Winter).

Orlanth Allfather

Orlanth Allfather is the social side of Orlanth. He is the power of Orlanth in society providing Law, Society, Justice and normal life. This is the normal aspect of Orlanth that all Heortlings acknowledge. His worshippers are providers of crafts, the law and weaponthanes. Orlanth Allfathers worshippers are the defenders of the stead, crafters and clan leaders. The affinities of Orlanth Allfather are given below.



Impr Mod



Lead by Example




Protect Home




Silencing Bellow




Summon Family




Acclaim Chiefton




Bless New Building




Bless Tools




Oversee Marriage Ritual




Word Hard



Orlanth Adventurous

 Orlanth Adventurous is the aspect that most young men and warriors worship. The cult provides protection for society and an outlet for male agression as well as being an accepted path for men with wanderlust. In general this aspect of Orlanth encompases everything that Orlanth did that took him away from home. The clan warband is the most prominent presence of Orlanth Adventurous for most Heortlings. The affinities of the cult are given below.



Impr Mod



Aid Throw with Wind




Armour of Woad




Enchant silver Ritual




Flickering Blade




Leaping Shield




Overbear Foe




[Weapon] help




Burst of Speed




Leap over Obstacle




Run on Mud




Run up Cliffs




Sunset Leap



Orlanth Thunderous

Orlanth Thunderous is the storm that holds all the powers of the Primal Air. He brings rain so that the crops will grow and the streams will flow. He is in every wind and in every breath that people take. Followers of Orlanth Thunderous are wild priests who hold their rites naked. The affinities of Orlanth Thunderous are given in the table below.



Impr Mod



Call Clouds




Gentle Rain




Start Thunderstorm




Storm Voice




Command Air Daimones




Drive away Clouds




Raise or Lower Winds




Snatch Breath




Turn Wind




Stir Whirlwind



Ernalda AllMother

Ernalda is the Goddess of the Earth who animates the world and brings all life to it. She is the wife of Orlanth and as such is the female aspect of Heortling life. Ernalda Allmother is the normal asepect of Ernalda representing her power in society.



Impr Mod


Bless Family

Beautify Self




Comfort Sick Child




Conceal Family




Ease Fears




Make Husband Laugh



Bless Mothers

Aid Conception




Aid Contraception




Bless Birth




Bless Domestic Animal




Bless Mariage




Bless Pregnancy



Ernalda the Healer

Ernalda the Healer's worshippers are usually healers and young women. Her worshippers maintain the health of the people and they tend to be childless women and God-talkers. Ernalda the healer is often depicted with healing herbs and potions. Her affinities are given in the table below.



Impr Mod


Heal People

Cure [Disease]




Diminish Injury




Ease Pain




Prevent Dying




Heal Hurt



Heal Relationships

Boost Confidence




Kiss & Make up




Prevent Anger




CReach Consensus




Sting Pride




Stop Arguement



Ernalda the Queen




Impr Mod


Earth Queen

Command Earth Animal




Command Earth Daimon




Dismiss Earth Elemental




Exorcise Earth Spirit




Enchant Copper Ritual




Summon Earth Daimon



Find Another Way

Calm Anger




Create Ring




Rally Women




Shame Husband




Think of the Children




Stop Arguement



Chalana Arroy the Healer

Chalana Arroy is the greatest healing Goddess in all Glorantha and she is dedicated to nonviolece and aiding anyone in need of her assistance. All her devotees are pacifists and the cult expects no one to give violence to their membership. Anyone that does will have the aid of the cult forever withdrawn.



Impr Mod


Calm Fear

Comfort Song




Quiet Everyone








Stop Beserk Rage




Stop Panic



Heal Wounds

Heal Chaos Wound




Heal Dying




Heal Injury




Heal Poinsoned Wound




Regenerate Damage




Regrow Severed Limb




Stop Bleeding



Elmal the Warrior of the Sun

Elmal is the Sun. He is the weapon companion of Orlanth and member of the Storm Tribe. They are warriors concerned with protection of the stead and are subject to the routines protection and watching. The affinities of Elmal are given below.



Impr Mod



Blazing Spear




Brilliant Shield




Fight Chaos




Fight Uz




Unfaltering Defense




Dazzling Flash




Illuminate Surroundings




Resist Darkness




See in Darkness




Unquenchable Light



Heler the Rain God

Heler is also known as the Blue God and is both the rain that makes the Earth fruitful and the clouds that bring the rain to the Earth. He is both gentle and warlike as rain can be a light drizzle or a downpour. He has many forms and his image varies from region to region. His affinities are given below.



Impr Mod



Call Clouds




Command Cloud Daimon ritual




Fly up to Clouds




Walk on Clouds




Lower Clouds




Call Cleansing Rain




Call Fertile Rain




Call Flooding Rain




Command Rain Daimon Ritual




Stop Rain



Humakt the Death Lord

Humakt is the God of fighting who brought Death to the world. He is the greatest fighter and warrior in the Storm tribe and he lives on in the Swords of his followers. As Humakt is a death God he does not allow his followers to return from the dead, and he follows a strict code of honour. All undead are an abomination in his eyes. His feats are given below.



Impr Mod



Bless Corpse




Death Song Beserk




Fight Undead




Lay Ghost




Visage of Fear




Empower Oath




Know Truth




Sense Ambush




Sever Relationship




Shame Coward



Issaries the Trader

Issaries is the talking God who helped Orlanth unify the Storm tribe by showing the virtue of clans talking to one another. He teaches both communication and trade to his followers and his cult has established marketplace rules that has allowed trade between rival clans. His affinities are given below.



Impr Mod



Clear Voice Shout




Convince Buyers




Convince Seller




Entertain with Voice




Talk with Hands




Bless Market




Evaluate Currency




Identify Thief




Lock Box




Recognise Magical Object



Lhankor Mhy the Lawkeeper

Lhankor Mhy is the wisest of the Heortling dieties and it is he who is the keeper of the laws. He remebers the customs and histories of the Heortling people as well as things from afar so it is that the tribes do not forget. Lhankor Mhy is also known as Greybeard and so it is that all his Priests (including the women) also wear beards. His affinities are given below.



Impr Mod







Find Obscure Fact




Interpret Spoken Language




Read Mind




See Past Events




Duplicate Document Ritual




Reconstruct Document Ritual




Search Library




Translate Document




Unfading Letters



Odayla the Deep Hunter

Odayla is the God of Hunting, famous for wrestling the Great Bear into submission and many now call him the Great Bear. He is one of the Thunder Brothers and during the darkness he gave the Heortlings the skills and magic they needed to stay alive. He is usually depicted with a bow and this is the weapon of choice for many of his followers. His affinities are given below.



Impr Mod



Bear's Hide




Bear's Strength












Identify Scent




Terrify Prey




Hide in Foliage




Mask Scent




Move Silently




Remain Motionless




Walk among Prey




Acute Vision




Arrow Sureshot




Attract Game Animal




Run over Snow



Urox the Beserker

Urox is the most wild and bestial of the good Storm gods as he is the desroyer of Chaos. He is known as Storm Bull in Prax, yet the do not correctly perceive his nature. He is violence and unthinking strength that leaves destruction in its wake. His followers are often beserkers and they have a unruly reputation. He is a bad God, but necessary to counter Chaos. His affinities are described below.



Impr Mod


Anti Chaos

Face Chaos Bravely




Righteous Outrage




Shield against Chaos




Smash Chaos Foe




Strength of Desperation



Beserk Combat

Double Blow




Fight while Dying




Great Blow




Ignore Wounds




Smash down opponent



Wild Wind

Call Dust Storm




Command Wild Umboli




Scouring Wind Blast




Weapon Slices like the Wind



Vinga the Loyal Daughter

Vinga is the warrior Goddess for women of the tribe and also a primary protector of the Heortlings. She protects the helpless inspiring them to be able to defend themseleves and is also vengence for wronged women. Even before the Darkness she help guard the tribe and drove off the Uz. Her worshippers wear skirts over men's clothing and dye their hair red. Her affinities are given below.



Impr Mod



Deadly Spear Throw




Fight against Rapist




Fight against Uz




Leaping Shield




Mile Javelin Throw




Spear Help




Burst of Speed




Dodge Missiles




Leap over Water




Run on Treetop




Run upon Snow



Yinkin the Alynx

Yinkin is the Alynx God, famous for stalking and unending sensuality and loyalty to Orlanth. Despite being loyal to orlanth he is his own cat and remains willfil and solitary as befits a skillful hunter. His worshippers are hunters, scouts and teachers of courting skills. Since Yinkin worshippers are not really warriors some Orlanthi see their activities as a waste of time, but relationships with the Orlanthi always remain friendly. Their affinities are given in the table below.



Impr Mod



Grow Claws




Leap from Hiding




Move without Sound




Paralyzing Bite




Scent Foe




Feel no Guilt




Preen Self








Sleep Anywhere



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