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Tarelyss Reygold is a Priestess of the White Moon Goddess Zaytenera. She was a former member of the cult Deezola who decided to turn to peaceful ways of the White Goddess after impersonating the real White Moon  Priestess. She came here with the Humakti Cormac, Lawspeaker Daranor Thyll and an Issaries Goldentongue worshipper Turruk who claimed to be her husband. They said that they were fleeing the Lunars and the former Clan Council let them build themselves a Longhouse outside the main Stead to live.

She has had four children, but the third died shortly after being born. She blamed Skye Torkenson who kicked her in the stomach before the child was born. She is now confimed to her house as the New Clan Council consider her a Lunar infiltrator.

General Maxentius Reygold is a senoir army general in the Imperial Lunar army. He is known to be a harsh taskmaster and brutal with those who fail him during duty. Originally from Carmania he is very well adjusted to the Lunar Way. He is known to be a worshipper of Yarnafal Tarnils and has killed armed men with his bear hands in the past. He is highly regarded by Lunar command and is likely to be given command of part of the invading forces when the Lunars launch their revenge attack.

Daranor Thyll is a Lawspeaker who arrived at Red Cow with Tarelyss Reygold, Cormac and Turruk. He spoke with the Clan Lawspeaker Alia Garmund and she and Brin Torkenson spoke up for the outsiders to allow them to live on Clan lands. Daranor has spent much time trading knowledge with Alia and has made a number of trips to Jonstown to research things in the Jonstown compendium. He has been researching a prophecy in the main to do with a trio of marked individuals. Daranor is from Pavis and speaks Heortling with a strange accent. He has a few strange ways, but this has not stopped him from being accepted by the Clan.

Barak Turruk Arraxa is the first son of Turruk and Tarelyss. He is a strange and willful child who has pissed off many people in the tribe with his actions, but has also made friends. He is friendly with the Dryad Myarla Leafsap, and often communes with the River spirits when the come down to the Joining. He has managed to calm them down so that they do not fight. However he also has a dark side that has seen him ranting and raving around the village.

In the past two days he has dissappeared, and it has transpires that he has taken one of the sacred stones with him.


Information about Communes with Spirits is forthcoming.

 Smiles without Grace is a first stage Dragonewt who came to the Clan about two seasons ago asking for Sanctuary. He was not clear on exactly what he wanted Sanctuary from, but he seemed extremely frightened of something. The Clan would not grant his request as Dragonewts were at best unrelaible and untrustworthy and sent him on his way without offering him hospitality. It is not known what became of him after he left the Clan lands, but scouts reported he headed east.


Information about Rhana Glowfeather is forthcoming.

Ivar Quickstep is the Clan Chief of the Dolutha Clan and the Chief of the entire Tribe. He still has a great amount of prestige amongst the Cinsina (especially after the victory at his Clan stronghold at Dangerford) even though many consider him a Lunar sympathiser at best. Some openly call him a traitor, though only in certain company. Ivar Quickstep is a worshipper of Elmal and is now 52 years old.

Triassa Mescanae is a member of the Blueberry Clan and is possibly the least bright member of the Clan. She is a worshipper of Ernalda Allmother and is considered potential homemaker material by her father Garland Mescanae. He has been seeking a match with his relations in the Red Cow clan for his daughter, and he is currently negotiating a bride price with Alwyck Reaver for a marriage to his son.
Myarla Leafsap is a dryad and Priestess of Aldrya. She lives in the Willow tree at the junction of the two rivers which she tends with loving care. She will teach the youngsters of the tribe about Aldrya and her children and is generally friendly with the Clan.

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