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Details on the Four Player Characters are given below


Turruk Kai Arraxa

Turruk was originally from Pavis, but came to the Clan some 12 years ago seeking Sanctuary with his wife. He is a worshipper of Issaires Goldentongue and has gained respect in the Clan. His wife is treated with suspicion by many as she is a Lunar Priestess of the White Moon. He works for the Clan as a trader negotiating deals with neighbouring clans and also delivering diplomatic messages to the other Clan leaders.


Brant Reaver

Brant is the son of Alwyck Reaver and is a devotee of the Yavor Lightning subcult of Orlanth Thunderous. He is a wild unruly braggart who hates the Lunars with a vengance. He is at odds with his father who was a member of the old Clan council. He is a Weaponthane in the Clan, and fought at the battle of Dangerford.





Kimmel is a tall, lean and handsome son of an the old Connel bloodline. He is seen as lazy and obsessed with his appearnance by others in the tribe, although he performs valuable scouting activities for the Clan. He is a devotee of Yinkin and he preens as often as his Alynx, Purdyn who is he rarely seen without. His stepbrother Brynn is a Weaponthane and devotee of Orlanth Rex.


Orlav Vangotyr

Orlav is a Godtalker and worshipper of Vanganth the Flyer. He is seen as extremely weird by the Clan, but that is the nature of the effects of talking with the Gods.  He has a wife and two children, but he rarely sees them as he is frequently off into the wilds. He has a peculiar hatred of bats and claims to have an orchard, but no one has seen it.



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