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Prophecy of the Three Guardians


    “In the city of Harmony, in the times of destiny three will be born once again to welcome the return of the True King.  These three will grow up and become his guardians, and each will save his life at least once on the way to the throne. The oppressors will flee his might in disarray for once again the True King will sit on Kerofina with the glory of the Lord of Winds around him. ”

     “The first will be the rebirth of the horse lord of the city. To the ‘Wandering Sun’ will be born and he will have the mark of the wandering fire upon his brow which shalt surely tell all of his coming.”

     “The second will be akin to the Lawmaker, born to be Wallmaker in the image of his father’s eyes. Look low for the mother, for she will not be amongst the great and the good.  For she will need guile to hide him and will use all she has learnt from the streets to teach him.  He will grow and learn the ways of his fore-bearer with a mark of stone on his torso.”

     “The third and last will come from an unusual source. The mother of the architect will not be of the Maker, but will be one of the enemy.  She will be born of Camaria and will wander the Empire looking for opposition. Scarred and without hope she will be drawn to the city of Harmony as a bear is to a pot of honey. There she will be endangered as her voice of truth will attempt to be silenced by the enemy.  Guard her well, for all three will be needed for the King to survive. She will bear the architect,  who will carry the symbol of the forge on his rump.”

     “Be ever vigilant for the enemy will be at hand and will come unto the city of Harmony with intent to destroy.”

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