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Forgetting Things - Enerowit Dalaskorian, Londario Scribe


I have discovered a number of ways in which vast numbers of people can forget something important. The most total seems to be Minarian Memory Removal.

The Minarian Memory removal was first identified by Minarius of Estkepo. When it occurs, all mental, intellectual, and rational memories are removed from existance. The removed memory may be an event, action or ability.

It should not be mistaken for a memory block, first identified by Vaxtangu of Garnatal, before the Dawning. In a memory block, the memory may return. The best known memory block is the temporary memory-loss suffered by everyone when Gbaji was born, which was identified by Minarius a centuary after the Gbaji wars were over. Minarius noticed that some people, both tribes and individuals had not yet recovered their thoughts of this event. He thus recognised that people and spirits not only could recover their past, but that they sometimes had to.

A Minarian Memory Removal is much more drastic, for there is no chance that the memory can be recovered at all. It is simply removed from existence.

This should not be confused with Janaxian Extermination of Ideas, which occurred at the end of the Second Age. It seems apparent that the God Learners (who were evil magical philosophers) learned some forbidden magical knowledge which offended the Gods to the extent that it threatened the Cosmic Compromise. Subsequent natural disasters and war ruined the God Learner's civilization, and then special agents, spirits, and avengers hunted down everyone who retained the memory of the frbidden thought. Also destroyed was everyone who might have had a memory and their kin. The Janaxian Extermination seems to have been effective, for no one today remembers what the secret was.

The best known example of the Minarian Memory Removal occurred at the end of the Second Age when the Dragons betrayed the humans of the EWF. In this circumstance the process seems to have been the ability to speak or think Draconic by humanity was completely lost. When this vanished many ideas were lost and a vast amount of understanding of draconic ideas went with it.

My fear in discovering this is that if most facts and ideas about the EWF can be driven out from the minds of humans, what would occur if some other idea was driven out? Can we be forced to forget how to make fires, or how to read and write, or how to ride horses? What if something as abstract as freedom was erased? What if something as fundamental as memory itself was forgotten?

The terrors of this are such that I am reluctant to pursue these studies anymore, and would ask that my notes be placed into confined storage.

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