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Ernalda and the Stones - "Tales from the Gods War"


In the wars before time began there was a time when Orlanth was off fighting his many enemies and he left his wife Ernalda behind at the stead. Whilst there she set about organising the women and making the earth fertile for the storm tribe, but that did not occupy her whole time. So she set about carving a stone from the earth and imbued within it some of her powers of fertility. She was pleased with her work and would often sit outside the stead and further enhance it. It so happened that one day as she was sitting outside the stead that Yinkin came to bring Ernalda news of Orlanth from the war. Unbeknownst to them however they were followed to Orlanth’s stead by a strange Chaos God never before seen by the people of the Storm. Yinkin began relating the tale of Orlanth’s great deeds to soothe and comfort Ernalda when the strange Chaos God appeared and he called out to Ernalda.

“I see that you have settled my land and made it your own, moulding it into a boring sameness that would shame you if you understood the world correctly. But you do not, and will never truly understand the world. Still I shall take back what is mine and turn in into something that is acceptable to me.”

With that he shot out an extended hand to grab at the stone of Ernalda, taking a chunk out of it. Yinkin’s hackles were up when he saw the Chaos God and he bit at the hand, causing the Chaos God to retract it quickly dropping the chunk that was taken from it. Undeterred, the Chaos God tried again five more times, each time finding the teeth of Yinkin stopping him from claiming his prize. The final time Yinkin held on and went back to the creature to set up it. The fight was viscous, but eventually the Chaos God was driven off swearing revenge.

Ernalda was worried about the attack, but knew that she could not take all the pieces with her as well as the large piece of stone. So she set the great Auroch, Gochbadun to guard the fragments in case the Chaos God should come back. Gochbadun swore to Ernaldna that as long as he was here the stones would be guarded. Ernalda took the large remainder of the stone north with Orlanth’s tribe to safeguard it and his people, for now the enemy knew of their location, and they were in danger.

When he returned Elmal promised Ernalda that his people would guard the large stone for it was his sacred duty to guard the stead for Orlanth.

The strange Chaos God was not seen again and did not participate in the creation of time in the Great Compromise. What became of him is unknown and it is believed that he could be trapped in a place between the Gods Plane and the Mortal Plane.

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