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The New Moon Heroquest


This Heroquest replicates the events of the moon’s fall from the sky and it’s rebirth into a new incarnation. It’s aim is to re-enforce the mythic events of the moon falling and re-appearing to either re-enforce the current moon or to hasten the arrival of the new moon. The Heroquest was lost for many years until a Moon Priestess recovered the ritual from a group of Blue Moon Trolls that had kept it secret on the Blue Moon Plateau for many centuries. The Heroquest was performed by the Seven Mothers and culminated in the formation of the Red Moon. The Heroquest has been performed in secret by Senior Lunar Priestesses for many years to re-enforce the Red Moon's ascendancy in the sky. The Heroquest has a number of sections to it that often appear in random order.

Passing Over to Hero Plane

The first thing that the questers must achieve is to pass over to the Hero’s Plane from the mundane plane. This is standard on all Heroquests.

The Death of Old Moon

The first station of this Heroquest is to oversee the death of the old moon and see it’s fall one the sky. One of the questers must bring death to the old moon. The old moon may take on a recognisable form such as an old woman to the quester. A Deathbringer is required for this particular portion of the quest.

The Crossing to the Underworld

The Heroquesters must cross the great lake of Dark water known as Styx. Legends mention a great Black Sea of Hell where listless waves wash upon a lifeless grey shore. The questers must answer true to the questions of the Goddess else the Furies of the deep will devour the questers. Truth and Knowledge are the keys to crossing the Goddess Styx.

The True Reflection of the Moon

The questers must find the true moon in Hell from amongst the many reflections that are down there. The questers must reject all the false reflections that they find down there and must embrace the true moon. The true moon will be different for different people and the interpretation of the true moon will be different for worshippers of the Blue Moon to worshippers of the Red Moon and the White Moon.

Healing the Moon

The questers must heal the moon of the injuries that caused it to crash down into hell. Strictly speaking this is the removal of death, which in itself may be considered a Heroquest. Myths from previous attempts at this quest speak of this stage requiring the questers to provide suitable souls for the moon, or to re-create the soul. There is some uncertainty on exactly the form that this takes and some believe that this stage is dependent on what happens in the first part of the quest.

Re-balancing the Moon

The moon will not be able to re-ascend in the same form as she fell from the night sky, and their must be a re-balancing of the moon’s physical and mental well being for there to be an attempt to re-ascend. The moon must be re-harmonised is an expression that is often used for this part of the quest. This part is often perceived to be a metaphysical manifestation of the mental attributes of the God and the questers must be very careful in getting the balance just right here else they may end up with a result that they are not expecting. There are seven aspects to the Goddess that must be harmonised and balanced. These relate to the "Binder Within", "Spindle Hag", "Young Life", "Brown Man", "Ram and Warrior", "Bridge for the Seeker.", and “She who waits”.

Re-Ascent of the Moon

This part of the quest involves the capture of the great white sky horses that pull the Cosmic carriage of the moon to bring her back up into the sky. The questers must seek out and capture the steeds and harness them to the carriage. They must then control the beasts such that the carriage brings the moon forth back into the night sky for all to see.

Proclamation of the New Moon

The Heroquesters must spread the word of the New moon far and wide to ensure that everyone hears about the coming of the New Moon. The spread of the proclamation is key as the participants in the ritual will see the message spread amongst the world by the willing whisper. The willing whisper will re-interpret the words that has come from the previous speaker, and it is the job of the questers to ensure that the Willing Whisper is minimised and the correct message is given to all.

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