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The Living Dragon Society


The following document details the findings of a Grey Sage called Ingvar Runetracker who lived in Karse in 1141.

"I first encountered one of the Living Dragon Society two years previously whilst wandering in the ruins of the old EWF city. I had not expected to find anyone here other than scholars like myself working amongst the remains. When I got to the main part of the ruins however I found a group of three people working digging up the flagstones in the Dragon temple. I shouted at them, thinking they were looters desecrating the remains and trying to steal its treasures. They turned around and then I noticed that they wore strange armour in the shape of dragon scales and two of them carried Klanths as Dragonewts do. The third member of the group was not human as the others were, but was a young Dragonewt. I was somewhat regretting my decision to call out now as they moved towards me since I was not a warrior."

"The one with a weapon called out to me demanding to know who I was. Nervously I replied with my full titles. I was not afraid of my lineage and proudly told them exactly who I was. I responded by asking them who they were and dmanded to know what they were doing here. Not expecting a response from them I was surprised to get an answer. They told me that they were the last members of an ancient order called the Living Dragon Society. They had been in the East in a place called Kraela when the Dragonkill War had taken place and have only recently returned. Greatly upset at the loss of the Draconic understanding the remaining members of the society decided to preserve all the remaining Draconic lore the could recover. Whilst I did not approve of the idea of restorring the Empire of the Wryms friends and all the corruption that it entailed I did approve of preservation of knowledge."

"The leader of the group who called himself "The Teeth of the Dragon" continued with his explanation of what they were doing. The temples within the EWF each contained a Dragon's quill from it's spine that marked the domain of the EWF. They were seeking the retrieval of all the spines so that the Dragon's indiction against mankind in Dragon Pass could be removed and the valley could be settled again."

"I asked that they stop and tell me more of their society, but the Dragonewt shook his head saying that for now it was best that humans forgot. However he said to me that there would come a time in the future when humans would need to start to know more again.


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