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Dragonewt Prophecy - EWF 842


 Daranor's Research

Found in the library in Jonstown under the Jonstown Compendium by Daranor Thyll. Daranor has determined that this might hold answers to what happened as a result of the failure of the Heroquest. He believes that the original prophecy has somehow become split and the Dragonewts were aware this would happen. Much of the rest of it is fairly unclear doggerel, but Daranor reckons that the place indicated is somewhere in the heart of the Dogbone Hills – right in Telmori territory.

Where once was three, three now begat three within three. Fire shapes stone on the anvil, but is not the anvil itself malleable? If a spark can become a fire, then what will “He who is not” become if existence is permitted. The past that remembers is the threat and the opportunity. The opportunity is uncertain though and “He who is not” shall not be permitted. He will look to the anvil, so vigilance should be made at the house of the blooded meat.

Thrice time three. Three to help, three to hinder, three to throw all into uncertainty. The myth is the key to the future, yet the myth has passed and only an echo persists. In the house of the Skeletal Canine will the future meet the past? Guard it well, and guard it thrice.

A decision of the heart leads three to become one. Which one is chosen is clouded. Ensure that the guardian is forewarned, so that should all else fail, one is the one and the ban is not broken. Guidance of the elder is foreseen.

Failure can lead to success, but do not forget that it often leads to failure. Do not rely on failure, lest the future be re-written and the cycle broken. The other egg always cracks wider when no one watches, but if no one watches what will hatch?

Does a Dragon have a bite if it is a dream? Does a dragon of dreams truly fly or does the imagination fly? Will stone, fire and water triumph, or will it is fire, air and stone? Or will Chaos, Fire and stone triumph? Contemplations on the matter are incomplete. Cycles cannot be broken lest they not be a cycle. Pain is but a memory of the mortal. The house of pain brings choice to a close. Deny it to “He who is not”. If “He who is not” is without the cycle is it already broken? Can we deny its existence as we did in the past?

Nine is eight. Three lots of three. One choice from many choices. White looks to blue for red end. Is white dead? Broken cycles are bad. There is no broken cycle just an extended one. Can we have it all or must we make the choice between the two?

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