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Gulldoran's Tale of the last Dinacoli Kings


The Lunars came to our tribe and offered us friendship and gave King Tremaine gifts so that they could send missionaries into our Clan. King Tremaine was not impressed with the petty trinkets that the Lunars offered and told them that the Clan already had the true faith of Orlanth, Ernalda and his loyal Thane Elmal to guard his stead. They had no need for another foreign religion. The King sent the Lunars away back north out of the stead. He sent his loyal Thane Dagmar Hearthstone to escort the Lunars from the Clan lands.

But either the Lunars had silver tongues or Dagmar’s heart was already blackened by this time. He must have dealt with the Lunars, taking their money to enact his treachery on the Clan. The blood money was taken and I believe that Dagmar shared his ill-gotton gains with others of his bloodline, and they conceived a plan of treachery. I was out with King Tremaine on one of his many hawking expeditions with his son and his daughter. We were some way away from the Fort when I saw a party of Elaml warriors approaching the King. We assumed that they had urgent news that the King needed to here, so we signalled for them to come over. As they came closer however I realised the error. They were foreigners in our armour and it is my belief to this day that they were Lunar mercenaries. The King, his honour guard and his son were all slain in their treacherous attack. I was badly wounded and under pressure from the warriors when I slipped backwards down a ridge into a fast flowing stream that swept me away.

I later learnt that the warriors had repeatedly raped King Tremaine’s daughter Viella and left her for dead. Dagmar Heartstone said that they would find those responsible and hunt them down. He became elected as the next King of the tribe. His first act was to invite the Lunars in to assist him in finding the traitors. They located the traitors as being in the Orlanth temple and they burnt it down and killed all those defending it. Ever since then there have been no worshippers of Orlanth in the Fort.

Viella became initiated into Vinga and began picking off the odd Lunar, but as they moved south in more numbers she was forced to flee eastwards. When I awoke I found that I was the last worshipper of Orlanth in the tribe and took to the subcult of Varanorlanth, always wandering and finding sanctuary in the secret places of Orlanth in the wilds. I did not give up as mighty Father Orlanth has told me that he will send one to guide us back to the light.

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